Care Tips for Men's Leather Elevator Shoes and Tall Boots

How to increase life of leather shoes?

  • Definitely everyone has leather shoes in their wardrobe. You can increase life of your leather shoes by taking well care and proper maintenance. Coating is first step towards taking care of your leather shoe. High heels for men, women or other Leather shoes should be coated with protecting layer or sealer agent, which helps to prevent damage of leather. These coating agents come in spray form, which you can apply in 2 -3 layers.
  • Make a point to clean your leather shoes after you use them. Wipe out the dry dirt and dust with damp cloth and layer clean with leather soap or leather cleaner. Leather should be mostly cared in winter season. Icing or snow can damage leather surface, so it is very important to clean your leather use after use.
  • There are various cleaner which are combined with conditioner qualities. Using conditioner is very important as it helps to keep the leather shoes moist and retain moisture in leather.
  • Leather has property of getting hard or change shape if stretched, if shoes are in wet condition, they should be properly dried before next use and otherwise unnecessary stretching can lead to change in shape. Leather shoes are comfortable and best to use if they are soft to wear.
  •  Maintain your shoes with leather polish. These polishes give shoes good finish and shine. Various polish brands are available in market; try to choose good quality polish which will not harm leather texture.
  • While polishing leather shoes use soft cloth an clean in circular motion while doesn’t create any marks on shoes.
  • Remember that leather shoes have long life but at same time they have delicate properties. Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals which damages leather. Try to keep your leather shoes away from any such exposure, if in case happen, clean shoes immediately with smooth cloth and warm water.
  • Consider wearing leather shoes in every season and every occasions, in that case you need to take care of making your shoes polish, clean and also waterproof to be prepared for any water encounter.
  • Various shoe care products are available in market which mostly does functions like protecting, cleaning, polishing and revitalising. Choose to use best possible brand products, low standard products may appear cheap but they may act harshly on leather shoes and damage it or reduce its life.
  • If you are trendy girl and owns knee high or thigh shoes, you should take care of them in all  best way by using boot shapers which keeps your shoes in good condition and helps to prevent and folds or bend in it. These boot shapers comes in low rates and keep them in boot box to keep them away from dust and dirt.

Leather shoes are trendy and goes with all kind of occasions, proper maintenance can make their life longer. As well with changing trend properly maintained shoes can be polished with different shades and used!

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