Men's height increasing tricks with high heels

Do you sometimes think that women are lucky because they can wear high heels? Do you think that women could easily hide their height, and you wish you could too? Well, you are on the right page. If you are not so tall, but still you are attracted by, tall women do not worry. Nobody says that you cannot date taller women. We have some tips, very helpful so you will increase your confidential lever. So read on, and find out how to grow your height with heeled shoes.

As we said before, high heels give short women big advantages. However, the time has changes, the technology is improving, and nowadays you can find high heels for men. They are not any kind of high heels, but they are the elevator shoes for men. Of course, they do not look like women’s high heels, but they do the same thing for men. We all know that women wear high heels that are open, colorful, too high, short, and even different for the office or for evening’s night. However, the elevator shoes are discrete and hidden. Therefore, nobody would ever notice that you wear height growing shoes. This will allow you to catch up with taller women.

Well, perhaps your first questions about the elevator shoes are they comfortable enough. Do you think that women are comfortable wearing high heels? Every woman you ask would definitely say that she is not comfortable while wearing high heels. However, in no time, you will get use to wearing them and you would not be having any problems at all. Shoes to grow heightThe bad news about wearing the elevator shoes is the position when you have to take them off. Therefore, our proposal is always to stick with smaller lift of around 1’’. This will make you look taller, but nobody would notice the difference when you take the shoes off. You can wear them with more confidence, making sure that only you know the secret.

When you take off your shoes, you could consider some other tricks as well. Therefore, you could consider wearing only one color. Perhaps, you can wear black pants and t-shirt because in that way you would look much taller. One color outfit will give illusion that you are taller. Although, black color also gives illusion for slimming effect, and always avoid heavier fabric. Heavier fabric could make you look bulkier and shorter. Also, while buying clothes always make sure that the clothes fit you, never buy bigger sizes. In that way you will look silly and it will have the opposite effect. These clothes would definitely do the trick when you do not have your elevator shoes. In that, way you could attract taller women. Moreover, remember, in France taller women always date short people.

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