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Short Men Fashion - Clothing for Short Men - Dress up for Short Guys

There is always a thought for clothing fashion in mind of short people while dressing clothes that how they can look taller and appealing. There are many ways for guys to dress taller; you need to know some dos and don’ts

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Fashion for short men to avoid not to look shorter

  • While choosing any clothes make sure you don’t choose prints which cut off your body, as it makes you look shorter.
  • While choosing blazers and coats, remember that not to choose coats with more than 3 buttons, as it makes you appear short.
  • Wear low waist pants and trousers they make you look taller
  • Always keep your pockets less filled and it makes you look wider
  • Avoid using shirt tucking and baggy pants and shirts as they make you look shorter
  • Wear pants just above your shoes and avoid showing your socks.

 Things to do for small men fashion to dress up for increasing height

  • Vertical lines on clothes projects linear look, always try to wear suits, shirts and pants with vertical lines.
  • Try to wear V neck t-shirts, sweaters which makes your body appear longer and taller.
  • Try to wear slim fit clothes where you can express your linear look
  • Wear blazers and jackets which are long and length below your buttocks.
  • While choosing colors for clothes try to choose same shade for top and bottom as they help to look taller.
  • Try to wear clothes as per occasion and blend in the trend, this helps to avoid odd man out


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