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  • We open largest & best Elevator Shoes Online Store in USA since 2007, where we are determined to offer you best comfort at good price and highly reliable quality.
  • We are highly focused and continuously innovating high quality elevator shoes made in Korea with best supreme & genuine leather.
  • We offer you best customer service and assistance. We also bring to you, shoes to satisfy your special needs.

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Shoe Showroom/Store (Downtown/Korea Town): 2120 W 8th St #300, Los Angeles, CA 90057 USA
Inside of WIC and Medical Building 3rd floor (8th St + S Lake)


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Our products are very helpful for correcting short height. It helps to increase height by 2-4 inches. Our shoes increase height with high comfort, as compared to other shoes available in market. Special cushioning and comfort measures are taken while manufacturing to produce high comfort. Material used or insole are weight less and doesn’t make you feel heavy weights stuck to your feet.


We also manufacture shoes insoles which can be used with any pair of your shoes. These insoles are made with highly shock absorbing materials, where along with your shoes it also supports your walking. There are also insoles which can be bought as per needs.

Height elevator available in market is made up from low quality of rubber or plastic, which generates burning sensation and creates headaches with long term use. But we provide highly researched, developed and tested shoes.

With high variety of shoes available online, we also give you wide choice of option for choosing right shoes. Apart from e-store, we also have an offline showroom, located in Los Angeles, CA. You can pick superior shoes by hand from our showroom.

Why to choose JOTA tall shoes

  • These shoes are made with latest trends and fashion
  • They appear as per normal shoes, where it matches with other general shoes available
  • You can elevate height with an ease, without letting other know it.
  • These shoes increase your length of lower body which directly helps to improve your personality and confidence.
  • These shoes increases height up to 2-4 inches without hampering your walking style or comfort.
  • Various highly trendy and formal shoes are available to choose
  • Specially causal and formal designed leather shoes are available with elevator height attachment.
  • Insoles which are attached are highly comfortable and made with highest quality materials and superior manufacturing technology than other height shoe companies.
  • We also produce handmade shoes, made with natural cowhide
  • To produce high quality and comfort shoes, only about 10 pairs are produced per day by highly skilful technicians.
  • Its high elastic cushion inserted insoles absorb shocks so that it reduces fatigues on your body.
  • Being supplier of high quality and comfortable shoes, we are now distributor in many states throughout the country.


About JOTA's Elevator Shoes

Remember, you can always get desire height with effortless act. We are here to help you boost not only your height but also you personality. Try out this elevator shoes and get one stop solution for all your short height worries.

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