How to add height to shoes: Platform shoes Vs Shoe Lifts

What are Platform Shoes & How they works for short people to increase height

Some people hope that they become taller that what they are. Despite hard exercises, proper diet programs, medical surgeries and tough work sometimes just isn't the right way to become taller. For these people who need to be taller than what they are, the option is using height increasing shoes like platform shoes or shoe lifts.

YouTube. How to Platform Shoes add height for short people

Moderate height people has a better solution to increase their height easily by adding shoe pads as an insert in the shoe which are available in different thicknesses and they help in boosting your height a little bit while you don't have to wear high heel shoes or elevator shoes.

Tall shoes for short men unnoticeable high heels & lifts.

They are simply shoes made from different kinds of materials such as rubber, plastic, wood or cork and they have thick soles. Both men and women are seen to wear the platform shoes; these shoes were very popular in seventieth and they are normally worn for fashion purposes while some people wear these shoes in order to increase their height. The size of the platform may dramatically vary from one inch all the way up to couples of inches and there are some varieties that reach to eight inches platform heel. These shoes are sold in different styles, sizes and colors in order to match with your needs.

Platform Shoes for Men
Fig. Platform Shoes

The style of Men platform shoe ranges from mini platform that is roughly one inch in height to extreme platforms that can reach up to twelve inches however the maximum sole thickness is about eight inches. Some of these shoes feature a chunkier base type heels while others have a high stiletto.

Shoe Lifts (Inserts)

They areShoe inserts simply insoles with a high heel. The materials which are used to make variable heel lifts, but many companies use soft rubber or a type of foam to make their insoles. The height different with these insoles can be up to three inches, and the difference can be noticed instantly. Many people, both women and men, also wear shoes which are taller in order to make the height difference be more noticeable. Shoe lifts are the ideal choice for boosting the height quickly and easily, while not spending much money on special products or custom shoes. A pair of insoles gets sold for about twenty dollars. Also, there are different kinds of materials to choose from so you become sure to get the lifts which are suitable enough for you to wear on daily basis.


Fig. Shoe Inserts

You are able to get shoe lifts that are made from any kind of material. Some kind of shoe lifts materials are, plastic, cork and other materials. It is always advised to over weight people to ensure that the material of the footwear will support their weight.

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