New Trends Fashion Tips: Shoe lifts and Insoles

If you struggle with your height and feel uncomfortable with your clothing fashion when you are out with your ‘tall’ friends, or if you feel unpleasant when your girlfriend wears high heels that make her bit taller than you, then we have solution for your problem. It is time to make you feel nice and cozy in your own skin. You do not have to be embarrassed about your height anymore. Have you ever heard about shoe lifts or insoles? Well, we will explain you in the further text how shoe lifts work.

Shoe LiftsFig. Shoe Lifts

Wearing shoe lifts it is not an embarrassing or odd thing. Nowadays, many men wear them and they feel great and full of confidence. The great thing about this shoe lifts is that you do not have to buy yourself new pair of shoes. You could use them with every pair of shoes you have in your closet. Also, the second great thing about this shoe lifts is that you can choose your height, something same as women’s high heels, except that nobody would ever notice that you have them on. And the last thing you have to know about this shoe lifts is that some of the most famous and riches people in Hollywood wear them. And you have to agree that they look great with their taller partners on the red carpet.

If you have date with some gorgeous girl that you recently met, but you are worried because she is much taller in her high heels, do not doubt. You can put your shoe lifts and go have some fun, and forget about your height. There is not anything embarrassing about them, and you have to agree that women like taller men than them. It is not just that you will look taller, but you will have more confidence, you will look different. Also, you have to pick your wardrobe carefully. Throw away all of the baggy t-shirts and baggy pants. Choose something with the same color, and never wear hats, because hats make you look shorter. You can wear some shirt in bright color and some darker pants, for example you could wear shirt in beige color and dark brown pants. And that would do all the magic. Also if you are heading to your job interview we recommend you to wear shoe lifts with some great suit in black color, or some other dark color. You have to be careful; it has to be one color suit. Do not play with colors, in that way it will have opposite effect. If you seem taller and with more confidence on the interview, chances for you to get your job are height as you while wearing your shoe lifts.

Well, the thing you have to remember is that shoe lifts are fun to use. They are also very easy and you can wear them with every fashion usage such as wedding shoes, dating shoes, something casual, job interview or business night. Increase your confidence level, get your shoe lifts and make difference in your height.


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