Career success factors: Short and Tall Men in Height

job interviewEmployers are value for their job, not their height.’ Well, unfortunately, these days' things are different. Recent researches show different results about that question. Taller men earn more money, and have better job position than short men have. So maybe we started to live in world where height matters for career success. So you would definitely ask is there something special about being tall? Well, the answer is yes. Being tall may help children develop with more self-confidence earlier in life. From earlier ages, tall people act as leader in their community. In addition, this is very big advantage in your work place. If you act as leader, you will improve your working area. In addition, in no time that will make effect on your promotion.

When it comes to job interviews, taller men have more advantages than short men. When you are taller you have more confidence, you earn trust in other people right away. For example, if we are talking for job that includes selling furniture, meeting with customers, and something like that, employees always choose someone taller because that person will look more representative for the company.

On the other hand, if you are heading to interview for companies as insurance, technology, internet providers, or even bank look at the employers. They are all tall, wearing their expensive suits. They look very gorgeous, and give sense of luxury to the company.  Nevertheless, you do not have to discourage yourself, if you are not high enough. Because these days, they are stuff that can help you to look taller and have your dream job.interview shoes

If you are short, you could try on the elevator shoes. They are something like women’s high heels. You would definitely look and you would be higher. In that, way you would have more confidence on job interviews. Wearing the elevator shoes will change your life. In addition, not just in other people eyes, they will change you. You will be very positive, sure and confidence about yourself. Be a leader, why not. You could change and improve working area, and you would not feel small and not important at all.

Success imagesYou would be surprise by the effect of the shoes that will add your height a few inches taller called as Height Increasing Shoes or Elevator Shoes. It is true that taller people earn more money on their work place. Therefore, with these shoes you could be in line with those people. You could make your company feel and look great. We know that height is not everything, the knowledge of course come in first place. However, now we live in a world where everything matters and physical look also take a place. Why missing opportunity because of your shortness? Put on your elevator shoes, and go on that job interview.


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