Short men wedding - Wedding for short grooms - Short guy wedding

Are you worry about being a short man in height for wedding or prom party and need to be taller?

Wedding and prom night are one of the most important and precious day in life. There are many occasions where, you need to be perfect, rather you need to be outstanding in the crowd and make your mark in the room. If in case you have a shorter height and you always feel low confidence, but now it is time to keep the short height issues aside and come forward with all your confidence.

There are many ways by which you can overcome your short height; you need to work up with few things. Here are few innovative and proven ideas to increase your short height and make up appear with elevated height. There is no medication or hard exercises involve in increasing your height. You can completely stay with your lifestyle and enjoy elevated height. Heighted personality generally is most appealing and respected and acknowledge by all.

Below are few ideas for elevating your height for the big occasion:

  • Dress up to rock

There are few tips to take care of like choosing straight strips for your suit, also choose longer coat for your suit. Make sure that your tuck up buttons start from lower end of your chest. While wearing formals always try to use shades which match top and bottom, never use contrast colors which cut off your body and make you appear shorter.

  • Tie selection

Always use tie which have sleek shape and slim fit, never go for broad tie which make you look wider. Slim ties with single color are mostly best choice as it compliments your wear and make you look taller.

  • Wearing your trousers

This should be always kept in mind that trouser should be worn below your waistline. This helps to make you appear taller than your real height. Trousers should be worn till the shoe length and make sure that your shocks should not be visible.

  • Maintain things you carry

Always carry lesser and compact things with you, never flood your pockets with extra baggage or phones or heavy wallets, they make you look wider and shorter.


With above all tips, there is one more secret and magic trick to look taller and make your personality come up with all confidence. Mens tall shoes are one of the most comfortable options to get elevated height. These shoes are specially designed to increase height with ease. These shoes have comfortable insoles which are not visible and these shoes appear like normal routine shoes. There is a special collection of tuxedo and formal suits for wedding occasion.

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