SD011N, Shoes with high heels for men, 3" taller, SKD30

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  • Soft leather upper shoes with high heels for men, Oxford Cap Toe style.
  • With Captoe accents front, smooth all leather lining shoes.
  • Three eyelet lace up front, padded collar for comfort.
  • Leather upper, rubbered out-sole.
  • Its outer looks are as same as other shoes for men, which elevated you 3 inches higher height. The length of lower body looks longer, so it makes everyday life more vital and confident, and its designs look trendy.
  • Black.
  • Imported.

Shoes with high heels for men

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Shoes with high heels for men-2

Shoes with high heels for men-3

Shoes with high heels for men-4

Shoes wit high heels for men which are specially designed and built heel your height up to 3 inch taller. Our shoes are totally different than normal shoes that are just inserted with a special insoles. Shoes and boots cleverly built for the men's height, trendy styled make you taller without knowing others. The internal light-weight sole build up in the heel of the shoe is almost undetectable with the sole the same thickness of the ordinary shoe. The build up improve your posture and gives you a feeling of positive well-being. Our heeled shoes are tonic for men, so much so that they are often worn by men of over average height. Our elevator shoes encourage you to stand with your shoulders square and your head up. They give support to the arch and a spring in the step so that you will never want to be without them.
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More Information
Color Black
By Height 3" (7.62cm)
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Manufacturer Imported
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