Height Increasing Insoles for Shoes & Socks, 3/4" Tall

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  • Sock insoles for Height increasing by .75 inches extra height
  • Fit perfectly in your Shoes or even Socks
  • Secured concave foot-bed with Shape-Fit design for comfort.
  • Leg length discrepancy shoe lifts
  • Reduction of spinal shrinkage during movement
  • Can use Back pain/ Heel pain
  • Size fits all
  • Color: Women for Ivory, Men for Black
  • Material: the surface of the main soles is velvet , the main sole is made of white P/U
  • Sold in one pair (Right & Left)
Height increasing insoles can actually be worn inside shoes or socks, without knowing others when you take your shoes off. these shoe insoles give ¾” additional taller height in shoes or shocks. Ideal product for flat foot condition and leg length discrepancy and arch support These are extremely comfortable shoe lifts - which designed to the shape of your foot. They are also used to reduce pressure on the back and knees when walking. This is proven to effectively reduce spinal shrinkage with age. You can also visit and try on at shoes store where can buy them in Los Angeles Downtown in California.

Below are the some advisable things to use insoles and lifts.
  • We recommend that shoes are with long ankle profile like boots and high top style not to slip off when you walk.
  • Your shoes might be bigger size to put insoles since insoles will take more space from your normal shoes.
  • For best performance, we recommend to try out our shoes which are designed and built for height elevated shoes.
Size Small will fit size 5-7 (for Women), Size Large will fit size 7.5–11 (for Men)

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Our shoe insoles act as an orthopedic shock absorber reducing foot pain and spinal shrinkage.
Our shoe inserts and insoles are designed specifically for relieve so that the consumer feels at ease when wearing them. Also the majority of our customers use our shoe inserts for a way to get height increasing, many people are using them also for limb length discrepancies.

Whether you have heel pain, arch pain, ball of the foot pain or just general foot pain, our range of orthopedic insoles are ideal for anyone wanting to either grow taller, correct limb length discrepancy, reduce foot pain and help prevent spinal shrinkage.
In fact the reviews of all our shoe inserts have suggested that people who wear our shoe lifts and height increasing insoles find walking, standing or running much more comfortable than without them. They are designed specifically to fit the type of shoe you are wearing.
Please visit in category our different types of shoe inserts and heel lifts to find out which are most suitable for you. The insoles can be adjusted the height by adding accordingly.
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By Height .75" (2cm)
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