Height Taller Shoes, Matafelo-3" taller, Buckle

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  • The popular bicycle-front toe shoes are enhanced with buckle on the strap.
  • Morden-looking Euro style height taller slip on dress shoes with elastic bands to easy on and off.
  • It's the premium oxhide 100% leather shoes.
  • Slim squared-bicycle toe front.
  • Stitched leather topsole, smooth leather dress outsole.
  • They are as same as other dress shoes, which give you 3 inches higher height.
  • The length of lower body looks longer, so it makes everyday life more vital and confident, and its designs look very trendy.
  • Top of JOTA Premium
  • Black.
  • Imported.

Height taller shoes

Height taller shoes-1

Height taller shoes-2

Height taller shoes-3

We offer the highest quality and most comfortable height increasing elevator shoes for men. Grow taller and increase height has never been easier. Unlike those uncomfortable add-on shoe lifts or heels for men, our height increasing shoes will invisibly increase your height by 2-5 inches without losing any comfort.
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More Information
Color Black
By Height 3" (7.62cm)
Featured Product Yes
Manufacturer Made in South Korea
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